What We Do

N0r5ke’s view – connectivity, capacity and security is becoming an increasingly important selection criteria for tenants seeking office space.

We partner with owners of large commercial real estate portfolios to accommodate this market shift:

  1. Ensure their buildings are upgraded to carrier-grade levels of connectivity, redundancy and available capacity
  2. Manage and provide tenants with a new range of in-house services e.g.
    -a single high performance WiFi network,
    -hassle free connectivity,
    -choice of available in-building internet providers/carriers,
    -cloud services.
  3. New revenue stream from in-building communication services

N0r5ke Communication Secure end-to-end Service is based on the following:

  • Orchestrating the end-to-end service:
    – inspection of technical infrastructure/meet-me-room, planning, installation, documentation and the 24/7/365 management of the infrastructure.
    – Data Centre and fiber networks with the largest possible bandwidth to the building, capacity optimally distributed within/around building via carrier-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • self-service internet portal for tenants’ instant ordering and provisioning of Communication Services (compute, infrastructure, software, storage, etc).
  • Migration and 24/7/365 network surveillance.
  • No Capex or added headcount for the owners

Based on the upgraded infrastructure further efficiencies can be made to the building’s:

  • Energy consumption.
  • Facility management.
  • Security access controls.

N0r5ke’s services tend to have a positive influence on attracting and retaining tenants, while at the same time enhance the owner’s revenues and reputation in terms of connectivity and available associated services