How to Find Abuse Contact Information

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Ever been hit by “digital” abuse via the Internet? I guess most users have been met by different sorts of what I call unwanted “information”. To do something about this kind of activity there are organizations that I have written about before here on my small blog. In the  EMEA the organization that handle and manage IP (Internet Protocol) space is RIPE. The organisation works among other important things  towards a stable Internet and development of the Internet for the best of everything. Part of this is also to keep an updated database on contact information, like the one we have for one of my companies N0R5KE. The output from the RIPE database looks like this from a terminal window:

This is how it should look with the right information. Reporting and contacting abuse@…. information I the first step of removing abusive digital activity. Believe me, most operators are very serious when coming to abuse. So do not let the “idiots” misuse the gret Internet. Take action!

Have a great Internet day!



“Edge compute”

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When planning our different fiber routes more and more often the question about how we are planing the housing/colocation facilities for active network equipment. In these talks there are also questions about the abilities to access compute.

We have long been looking into the options for pushing services as close to the endusers as possible. Edge computing and also the rise in different business models where cooperation is the name of the game can make our setup, neutral, even more advantages. This article covers some of the trends that we also have seen and heard from the different customers we have talked to.

Initiatives like SPARK opens a new perspective on what “additional” services can take advantage of the Edge. Some of us in N0R5KE have been part of the early stages of the Internet and the challenges bandwidth and service offerings “used” to have. One part of the solution back then was to use caching technologies, early Edge? 🙂 Taking a look at this great article on CDN you can see that the technology still operates and in my view content distribution is a key offering to the Edge.

We will be working on making it possible to follow the ever evolving Edge compute service offering by building facilities along our fiber routs that can house/operate/enable optimal digital services.


Subsea cable initiative along the Norwegian coastline

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We have for some time worked on different ideas on how we as a company can help enable even more digitalization than what currently is ongoing in the Nordics.

Part of this initiative is to take a closer look at the “white spots” in the physical fibre infrastructure. In Norway there are some areas that are very interesting to look closer at due to several reasons.

  • the economics for the country as a whole
  • the pure local business side, what industries create what value
  • the tech side with redundancy and diversified physical infrastructure
  • the neutral player
  • the list goes one and on

The slide series attached in this gives some insight into where we are and what we aim to do. We are currently now talking to several companies that see much the same as us and have for some time. Now we want to go ahead with this long thought plan of ours.

Want to join in and tell us where the right coordinates is for our cable to land to increase the business offerings for your business, do not be shy..shout 🙂




N0r5ke Fibre AS – Our new Digital Infrastructure Subsidiary

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We are excited to announce our new subsidiary ~ N0r5ke Fibre AS!
It represent our focus on building, owning and managing fiber network infrastructure (Digital Highways) in Norway w/connections to international IX (Internet Exchanges).

N0r5ke Fibre AS liaise with key public sectors and investors to build Digital Highways and help Norway benefit from its:

– close to ideal cool climate for Datacentres
– geographical location – close link between Asia and entry to Western-Europe
– among the cheapest available prices on hydro power (approx. 80% of DC cost)
– political and economical stability
– strict privacy laws

An Internet connection is the key for us!

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We that have started the company N0R5KE a little more than a year ago where looking for something that we believe was and still is missing in the connected world. There are many companies delivering great products and services as part of what we see as an end to end service offering.

Some of us in this company have been part of the Internet industry from the early stages where the responsibility for a product and service was “easier” to place. For the past fifteen years we believe some of the real stakeholders in the delivering of Internet connectivity have had less focus on the “quality”. With quality we talk about making sure that the communication using the Internet as the carrier fulfill some basic baselines like; uptime, SLA (Service Level Agreement), QOS (Quality of Service), security, scalability, etc. The list is longer but all these are common or should be common for the modern communication provider using the Internet as part of the connectivity.

Take some time to listen to this great interview with the CSO of Level3 about the important role a carrier can hold in the enn to end connectivity world.

The topics covered in that interview are many of the ones we in N0R5KE have identified and have found a solution for with suppliers and partners. The world of secure communication across the Internet is coming together as we speak, we believe.

Taking a moment to listen to what the security business talks about in disruption in the security business we can make out that the Internet is here to stay and there are forces out there making a difference.

In the connected world there has to be something that is unike as an identifier and one of the companies we like and have a clear message is Forgerock.

When we talk about Internet communication we need to have the wireless architecture sorted out. In our case wireless is all about Wi-Fi connectivity. We have a partner program running with Ruckus Wireless and see them as a key player in their domain, wireless communication.

Wrapping all this together is what N0R5KE does. We want to be the single point of contact provider of what we call baseline secure and scalable Internet connectivity to any real estate owners that believe in the connected world. This baseline can then be the platform for any service offering using the Internet as a “given”. Mind you the list is long on services that just take connectivity as something that is there to take for granted….



Do you control all connectivity into your building?

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Do you control all the Apps connected to someone or something within your building? Do you have a setup where there is some 3G/4G connectivity “talking” to some smart device in your building?

Most responsible people will say, no to these questions if they are honest. The reasoning behind me asking these questions is that I see more and more of the App´s world wanting to solve all challenges. To keep this simple and App in my world is just a button on one system, meaning you will get several App´s and a more complex world to handle with all these I am sure great systems.

What really worries me is that all these applications that use what I call the “sim-card” world of connectivity bypass my logical and physical architecture and by that increase my risk matrix. I am sure that the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) by itself is secure but that is not what I am questioning. I am working on making an architecture where all communication pass the managed entrances.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is and will be a challenge if not sorted better than it is now when looking at how the connectivity architecture is architected and managed.

Controlling the keys to the entrances and exits can be monitored and managed, so also with the connectivity coming in via the Internet over some physical lines, No the world is not wireless! 🙂

The question you have to ask is; how do I control all communication via the various M2M in an overall managed (secure) setup?

Remember one thing: If there is a connection in, theres a connection out…